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Nominating Family:  Jeremy Robinson and Christina Orban Family

Organization Being Nominated: 

Penn State Childrens Hospital Child Life Program

Why is this organization SO AWESOME?  Why are they special to this family?

"This organization together with the Four Diamonds Fund support the families of children with cancer. There is an annual event every February here at Penn State called the dance marathon that is run entirely by the students to raise money for the fight against childhood cancer. The students will stay on their feet and dance for 46 hours straight for the cause. The event just happened two weekends ago this year. It is run at an arena and is attended by thousands of people. I have personally donated to and have attended the event as a corporate sponsor several times. The families and the children visit and will be on the floor with the dancers rooting them on. Some of the families will get on stage and speak to the crowd about how the organizations have helped their children cope through such a horrible fight. You hear stories from families whose children were cured of cancer and unfortunately from some families who have lost their children to cancer. Seeing the children there and knowing what they are going through breaks the heart, but I think a gift of Whittle Shortline trains can brighten any child's day. Thank you for the Whittle Bit Of Kindness!" 

Nomination #1